Members of THE JACKSON 5 attended the funeral of the group's ex-drummer on Sunday (12MAR06), who was fatally stabbed earlier this month (01MAR06). JERMAINE, TITO, MARLON, RANDY and Jackie Jackson all paid their respects to JOHNNY JACKSON JR - who wasn't related to the chart-topping family - yesterday (12MAR06) in their hometown Gary, Indiana. Pop superstars MICHAEL and Janet Jackson did not attend the memorial service for the sticksman who played with The Jackson 5 for 15 years from 1967. Randy, the youngest of the Jackson brothers, says, "He had a lively way of living and enjoyed every moment. "He made touring fun. There was never a dull moment, with jokes and a lot of laughs." YOLANDA DAVIS, 44, has been charged with Johnny Jackson's murder, after she allegedly attacked him with a steak knife during an argument.