Rocker Jackson Browne has settled a legal dispute with former U.S. presidential candidate John McCain after the Republican used one of his songs in a political video without permission.
Browne, a self-confessed liberal, was furious when his track Running on Empty appeared in a promotional tape for MCCain last August (08) and immediately filed suit.
Lawyers for MCCain argued the Arizona senator was legally allowed to use the tune because he was not seeking to gain profit from it - and unsuccessfully tried to have the case dismissed in November (08).
Nine months after losing out in the race to the White House to Barack Obama, MCCain's legal team has reached a settlement with Browne over the copyright infringement and has issued a public apology to the singer.
A statement from MCCain and the Republican Party reads, "We apologise that a portion of the Jackson Browne song Running on Empty was used without permission."
The terms of the financial settlement have yet to be disclosed.