As well as having a full cast of handsome male stars, the sequel to 2012's 'Magic Mike' has landed one of Hollywood's sexiest actresses, Jada Pinkett Smith. The 43 year-old star confirmed she will be starring in 'Magic Mike XXL' during her appearance on the 'Queen Latifah Show' Monday (Sept 22nd).

Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada has joined the cast of 'Magic Mike XXL' 

"Channing Tatum and (director) Gregory Jacobs and Warner Bros. really took a chance," she told the talk show's host. "It was a character written for a male that they wanted to turn into a female."

Jada didn't really reveal any detailed information about her upcoming role in the highly anticipated sequel, in which she will be starring alongside Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash and Tatum, who also co-wrote the film along with Reid Carolin.

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So can cinemagoers expect to see the 'Gotham' actress dancing in the flick?

"No," she told Queen Latifah, as she isn't "one of those [characters]! I can't really reveal it yet, but I'm excited about it."

Even though she will be surrounded by some of the movie industry's most physically fit men, Jada said she isn't fazed by this because she is used to being around her husband Will Smith.

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"You've got to know I'm used to being around beefcake like that because you know who I live with," she joked. "I'm used to that kind of beef cakeness in my environment, I can handle it. They know. I don't have to say anything!"

Jada is the latest female addition of the impressive cast of the sequel, set of a July 1st, 2015 release, which includes Elizabeth Banks, Amber Heard, and Andie MacDowell.