Jada Pinkett Smith was left stunned when Will Smith’s ex-wife Sheree Zampino once stormed into their bedroom.

The actress, 51, shared the story when she sat down with Sheree, 54, on Wednesday’s episode (19.10.22) of ‘Red Table Talk’ on Facebook to discuss the ups and downs of their friendship during a conversation about “toxic forgiveness”.

Sheree said she and Jada have been learning how to befriend each other “since we were babies” – in reference to her three-year-long marriage to Will, 54, before he married Jada in December 1997.

Recalling the incident when Sheree “marched into the master bedroom” at her and Will’s home because she “wanted to see what was going on, like how it was decorated and all that”, Jada said: “It was early on and I think you were just like… ‘I just need you to know who the queen bee is around here’.

“I was like, ‘Well, damn, she did pick the house out, I can’t say nothing’. We were both very fiery.”

Jada added about how they have had to “fake” their bond over the years: “We have developed a really nice sisterhood, but it hasn’t been easy along the way.

“Sometimes we did have to fake it to make it.”

Sheree was married to Will, 54, from 1992 to 1995, with the pair sharing son Trey, 29, before Jada started a romance with the actor shortly after their separation.

Admitting Will had to step in during an awkward incident over Trey's behaviour led to a spat, Jada said she “crossed the line” with Sheree.

Jada added: “I can remember some times that I really crossed the line. There was one time Trey had a play date and he misbehaved.

“I was like, ‘Uh uh, we gotta sit down, we gotta talk about this, Trey can’t be behaving this way’.”

Sheree added: “Let me give you my version. I literally walked in the house just to drop him off and as soon as I walked in, Jada was like, ‘We gotta talk about his behaviour!’

“I was like, ‘Go get his daddy please. Why are you talking about what happens at my house, over here?’ His behaviour was at my house’.”

Jada went on: “It was a lot of intertwining and it got really kind of messy”, while Sheree branded her behaviour “out of line”.

But Sheree admitted Jada didn’t “mean any harm”, adding: “My only requirement was that you treated my son well. You did that and your heart was always right toward him, wanting the best for him.”

Will and Jada share son Jaden, 24, and daughter Willow, 21, and when Sheree was asked how she felt about Jada getting the “better version” of Will, she said:

“What I think is, when our union ends, he should be better because of me. He should be better. So it might hurt to see you with the better version, but he shouldn’t be worse because he’s been with me.

“In this stage of life, I think I left too soon. That was a part of me trying to protect myself. If I was in a different time, I would never leave that soon, I’d work at it.”