Jada Pinkett Smith lives a ''beautiful reality'' with Will Smith.

The 'Magic Mike XXL' actress has insisted she has no need to dream about other men because she has the 'Focus' star as her other half.

She told PEOPLE magazine: ''Well, you know what? I got a beautiful man that lays beside me at night, and I don't really have a need for wet dreams because I have a pretty beautiful reality.''

The 43-year-old actress - who has 14-year-old daughter Willow and 16-year-old son Jaden with Will - also insisted her husband had no problems with her starring in such a raunchy film.

She shared: ''I think he was really happy for me. When you've been married to a woman for 20 years, you can imagine, it's like, 'Go have some fun. [Go] have a good time and then bring it all back here to me.'

''He reaps a whole lot of benefits, from that kind of joy and happiness and inspiration.''

Meanwhile, Jada previously admitted she is most attracted to her husband's brain.

She said: ''I read a lot of spiritual and self-expansion books. Will and I were just reading 'The Tao of Physics' by Fritjof Capra together and having long discussions about it.

''It's a big turn-on for me in a relationship to be spiritually and intellectually challenged by Will. To me, it's like foreplay! Of course, I enjoy that I have sex in my relationship, but I think this other intellectual aspect is quite unique and something that strongly connects us.''