Jada Pinkett-Smith has gone on record to address one of the most dogged rumours circulating around Tinseltown for the past few years, revealing what really is the deal with her marriage to Will Smith. During a live chat with HuffPost Live, Jada was quizzed on her 16-year marriage with Will and the longstanding rumours that have followed the Smiths over their decade and a half of marriage, with wife of one of the planets most famous actors finally admitting what we had thought all along: the two have an open marriage.

When the question about their marriage was popped, Jada replied, "I think that people get that idea because Will and I are very relaxed with one another," adding, "But I've always told Will 'You can do whatever you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be okay,' because at the end of the day, Will is his own man."

Jada Pinkett-Smith
Jada Pinkett-Smith has confirmed that she and Will share an open relationship

She went on to discuss that, despite their relaxed approach to their relationship, she and Will still rely on each other as any other couple would and they have strong feelings for one another. She said, "He's been by my side for some of the most difficult parts of my life. You always have that for your foundation."

The Smiths
The Smiths are renowned for their closeness as a family, regardless of how Will and Jada conduct their erlationship

Jada and Will, parents to fellow performers Willow, 12, and Jaden, 14, have long been dogged by rumours about the stability of their marriage, or rather the lack of stability in it. Most recently and perhaps the most memorable of the rumours came in the summer of 2011, when it was rumoured that Jada was involved in an affair with her HawthoRN costar Marc Anthony, who at the time was still married to Jennifer Lopez.