Jaime King accidentally dressed as the ''jolly green giant'' for Seth Rogen's Halloween party.

The model-and-actress intended to look like Peter Pan when she was invited to the 'Knocked Up' star's bash but it went horribly wrong and she ended up looking like the Green Giant frozen and canned vegetable company's advertising mascot.

Jaime confessed: ''I remember going to Seth Rogen's Halloween party once, and it was like the year of Marie Antoinette. Everyone had these decadent costumes ... and I dressed up like Peter Pan. All I had on was a pair of opaque green tights, shoes with bells and a felt costume with a felt hat. I had no make-up on and my hair was tied back in a bun ... I honestly looked like the Jolly Green Giant and not Peter Pan. I legitimately looked like I could've been on a can of beans, but I was comfy so I wasn't mad at it.''

Jaime has also revealed her ''lower middle class'' upbringing and having ''no money'' to splash out on clothes has provided her with a more creative fashion sense.

Speaking to E!, the 36-year-old star said : ''As a kid from Omaha that had no money to buy anything, I do have to say I'm really glad that I came from a lower middle class family because that really inspired me to think outside of the box with fashion. Because I didn't have the money to just buy what everyone was after, it really gave me my own sense of style. My mom was a seamstress, and she would make so many of my clothes. We would go to the fabric store and come up with ideas.''