We managed to grab Jake Bugg for a quick chat at Leeds Festival 2013 over the weekend (August 23rd - 25th) where, among other things, he opened up about what to expect from his sophomore album and upcoming tour dates.

On album two, Jake has teamed up with one of the most legendary producers in the history of music; Rick Rubin - co-founder of Def Jam records who has worked with a variety of artists from Jay-Z to Metallica. 'That's the great thing about Rick, he's so diverse in what he does', says Jake. 'This year he's done the Jay-Z record and the Kanye West album and Black Sabbath. He's great to work with, he's so chilled out. I fly [to America] tomorrow to go finish off the second record so I can't wait.' He also openly admitted to not knowing who Chad Smith was (he's the Red Hot Chili Peppers' drummer!) when Rubin brought him in as a studio musician but expressed regret that he had to leave the project for a RHCP record.

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Talking about songwriting, Jake says he found the studio in Malibu 'an inspiring place to be' and subsequently wrote several tracks in the states with Iain Archer and Matt Sweeney. 'It feels like. the songs come together a bit more', he says about the upcoming album. 'Whereas the first album was like a list of songs that I just had.'

Jake reveals that the album is expected to be released in November 2013 during his US, UK and Europe tour which begins next month kicking off in Washington DC.

Jake Bugg at Reading Festival 2013Jake Bugg at Reading Festival 2013