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Dear jake gyllenhaal my name is majid living in Ghana in th west africa i really like you and i have heard manythings about you you are good i hope one day we willl meet some daykeep the good working doing never stop ok this is my mail if you seen this mail please reply i will be very happy if you reply me [email protected] is my mail and remeber that you are the best

Posted 12 years 8 months ago by majid abdul jalil

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The actor is the best to hit the International entertainment industry in many years. I can only see Jake going on to bigger and better roles in the years to come. He has indeed arrived long before his time even though he be still so very young! There is no doubt that this young man will have the movie world at his feet in due course. I cannot remember when last I have witnessed an up and coming actor set the screen alight. The man has more talent still to come with breathtaking performances in the future!

Posted 15 years 2 months ago by Anthony

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jake if you actually put us down.....you do not realize how many veterans are suffering from this war. we had to take experimental drugs and vaccines.I suffer with different pains daily..the shocks in my temples....muscle twitches daily....chronic pancreatitis,migranes,etc.I was pregnant and received these shots in 1991.My son gets muscle twitches and migranes....try going to a real war and you will find out the sufferings of war...remember .... remember....FREEDOM IS NOT FOR FREE...MANY VETERANS HAVE DIED ...THIS MOVIE NEEDS A CONTINUATION... IT IS NOT FINISHED..... think before you talk about the people who serve and HAVE SERVED FOR OUR COUNTRY*****

Posted 15 years 4 months ago by connie gonzalez

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Jake, you dirty SOB. How about your cowardly little hollywood butt clearing bunkers and trenchlines with a 45? Ever see your friends get shredded by enemy artillery? How about a small arms fight in the dark while 73 easting rages around you? Act, monkey, act. Keep your Civy butt stuck in Hollywood!Eric.Desert shield/storm.

Posted 15 years 4 months ago by Third Infantry Vet

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