The Brokeback Mountain actor stars in the boxing film while the rapper produced and curated the soundtrack for the movie, so to help promote the project the duo visited a cinema in Michigan to introduce the film to unsuspecting fans.

Eminem, who was originally tapped to play the lead boxer character but was eventually replaced by Gyllenhaal, spoke highly of the film

He told the crowd, "From the minute I saw this script I really felt like this movie had the potential to be something special. We hope that you all do, too. Jake did an incredible job... Everybody in the movie is great, in my opinion. I'm super excited to be a part of it."

Gyllenhaal added, "The album is sick, too. The training montage is insane because of his music. It's an honour to have him even be a little part of the movie, but the fact he gave so much of it, we all gave our hearts to it. It's an honour to be even next to him."

Both the soundtrack and film, directed by Training Day filmmaker Antoine Fuqua, are due out in the U.S. on 24 July (15).