Just a day after taking to Twitter.com to confirm reports suggesting he and his wife Lacey Buchanan were heading for divorce, he gave fans an update during an emotional onstage moment.

Owen told the audience, "A lot of people maybe shy away from it, but I think I'm going to do some weird stuff... My wife and I are getting a divorce, and this is probably the hardest s**t I've ever done in my life, to walk on stage every night, and try to pretend that everything's awesome, when it really isn't awesome."

He then performed a rendition of Garth Brooks' The Dance, breaking off mid-song to tell the crowd, "Thanks to people like you guys for singing along, you have no idea how much you lift me up every single night, and I love my wife more than anything in the world, and I love my little baby girl Pearl more than anything in the world.

"If it wasn't for both of them, I wouldn't even be here right now to be a happy man. That's a dance I'm glad I got to dance."

Owen has been candid about the end of his three-year marriage from the beginning, telling fans in June (15) that he and his wife were having communication problems and were talking about divorce.

Ironically, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, who also recently announced their marriage was over, were also part of the WE Fest bill.