Jameela Jamil is ''neutral'' about her body.

The 'Legendary' star is an advocate for body neutrality - in which she doesn't ''love'' or ''hate'' the way she looks - as she says she ''can't do'' body positivity because she's still ''too body dysmorphic'' after years of battling an eating disorder and being ''held back'' by her image.

She said: ''My body image held me back a lot in my life and that's because I was trained for it to do so by society, by media, by magazines, by people at school, by my family even. I can't do body positivity because it takes up still too much of my time! Stand there in front of the mirror and be like, 'I love thighs! I love my cellulite!'

''I'm still too body dysmorphic to be able to do that, so instead, I just don't think about it. I'm neutral! I don't love my body, I don't hate my body.''

Jameela wants to eventually reach a point where she ''loves'' her figure, and said people should all strive to be more like singer Lizzo, who is known for being passionate about her body.

The 34-year-old actress and model told E! News: ''You know, Lizzo loves her body and I think that that's amazing. She told me in an interview before that there was a time where Lizzo didn't love her body. And so, there's hope for everyone to be able to eventually come to that point of acceptance and adoration. And may we all be like Lizzo in our lives!''

Meanwhile, Jameela - who is known for her activism surrounding body image and feminism - recently hit out at memes about Adele's weight loss, after the singer lost a reported seven stone.

The 'I Weigh' podcast host shared some the memes on social media - including side by side pictures of a slim Adele and fattening food - and wrote: ''Adele would hate this so much. I'm so glad she isn't on here to see people weaponize her body against women. These memes are everywhere. This is so offensive. So destructive. So reductive. It encourages us to demonize and become afraid of food (sic).''