Jameela Jamil knows she will ''rub people up the wrong way''.

The 'Good Place' star understands that she will always face ''backlash'' for the things she says but she does the best to ''protect'' herself.

Speaking at the virtual Edinburgh TV Festival, she said: ''Sometimes there is backlash and you just have to make a decision. If you are going to be someone who speaks out, you have to understand you're going to rub people up the wrong way, people who are on the opposition, as well as people on your own side, because there is a weird amount of competition in activism, that I don't understand. And you have to protect yourself. I am someone who is incredibly lucky to have ... a loving household that I live in with friends and a boyfriend, but also I have access to very good therapy. So if you're going to engage in this, make sure that you have built yourself a proper support system, because it is hard, but it isn't impossible and it's not as bad as they try to make it look.''

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old actress previously insisted she won't be ''forced to be the perfect woman'' as she opened up about cancel culture.

She said: ''I feel very passionate about being very vulnerable and being the anti-celebrity in that way and being willing, refusing, to be forced to be the perfect woman. I am a fallible human being. I try not to make mistakes but when I slip up, I refuse to be cast away forever. Most human beings are capable of change. Young people in particular need to see, you shouldn't be afraid to put your hand up or admit your own ignorance. This moral superiority obsession of the last few years is stopping people from asking really important questions.''