Jameela Jamil embraced wearing ''no bra [and] no heels'' to the Emmy Awards.

The 'Good Place' star donned a pair of pyjamas and a sequined robe to connect to Sunday's (20.09.20) ceremony from the comfort of her own home and she admitted she enjoyed not having to dress up and walk a red carpet at the event.

She shared a photo of herself in her glamorous loungewear on Instagram and wrote: ''No bra? No heels? NO PROBLEM.

''Wearing PJ's to the 72nd Emmy awards (from my house) is my kind of vibes. Excited to see if we win any of the 7 awards we have been nominated for!!!!(sic)''

However, Jameela felt she owed it to her character, Tahani Al-Jamil to make some effort with her appearance on television's biggest night.

She added: ''I still did my make up and wore a sequin dressing gown, because... It's what Tahani would have wanted. And this is her day, not mine.''

The 34-year-old star also admitted she'd never felt more comfortable at an awards ceremony.

She told E!'s 'Live From the Red Carpet: ''This is the most comfortable I have ever been at the Emmys!''

Jameela also joked she's never had a perfectly toned physique because she ''can't be bothered'' to make the effort.

Explaining she enjoys the ''instant reward'' of doing dishes, she added: ''This is why I've never had abs. Because I can't be bothered to do anything that's going to take a long time.''

The 'I Weigh' activist admitted she'd been leading a very ordinary life while quarantining at home over the last few months.

She said: ''It involved mostly potty-training my puppy and then getting up an answering 400 emails, keeping my business running, doing several podcasts a day and then staring into my fridge in despair looking for answers.''