Jameela Jamil has opened up about her battle with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

The 36-year-old actress has shared a video of herself on Instagram showing her pulling her cheeks to show how much her skin stretches and she explained to her followers it's due to a rare disorder that affects the body's connective tissue.

In the clip, she said: "Hi look at this, Jesus Christ, this is not an app or filter. It's my face, look at how elastic that is. The reason it's so elastic is because I have EDS, I have HEDS three, the H because I'm so hyper mobile."

Jameela went on to explain how the condition affects her - revealing she has trouble with her joints, bruises more easily and it even affects bleeding and healing.

She added: "The joints, nothing bends the right way, everything bends the wrong way. I want to talk about it despite the fact people like to make fun of me because of my health.

"It's a serious condition and affects every part of your body and your mind and it's a dangerous thing to have if you don't know you have it.

"The way it affects bruising, bleeding, healing, if you want to have a baby ... I don't drink, smoke, do drugs."

The ' She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' star went on to encourage anyone suffering similar symptoms to go to a doctor. She went on: "I'm worried at the fact I'm disadvantaged with my health, it means you dislocate, your teeth are harder to work on, your struggles with migraines, random allergies.'

"I'm not a doctor but that's why I want you to go to a doctor ... if you're struggling with your joints and accidents all the time, please look at the symptoms.

"It really can save your life. The people who have it really look well. I love you, I'm with you, go get checked!"