James Arthur believes live-streaming is the future.

The 'Naked' singer has revealed playing 'Fifa' on Twitch has helped him through the COVID-19 lockdown, and he and his team are looking into hosting a regular "big" live-stream event that combines his love for gaming and music.

He said: "Me and my management have talked a lot about doing a big stream - an all-encompassing thing - where we'll play some 'Fifa' and do some music.

"I'm very much in the early stages of that right now. I only play 'Fifa'. It's just me and a bunch of my mates playing.

"But at some point, I want to do it regularly, and on a bigger scale." The 'X Factor' alum told BBC Sounds podcast 'Press X to Continue': "That's where everything's headed."  

James explained how the live-streaming experience is a chance for his fans to see "a different side" to his personality.

He said: "It's more accessible than anything, isn't it? They're sitting with me for four or five hours as I'm playing 'Fifa'.

"They get to feel like they're hanging out with me and my boys - we've got a bunch of my friends from back home - so they get to see a different side of my personality, one that you would never see in an interview or on the usual kind of things that I do. There's no filter."

While the pop star added how the gaming community helped him through a difficult period in lockdown, which saw him seek therapy for his depression.

Speaking of his recent single, 'Medicine', the 'Say You Won't Let Go' hitmaker added: "The song is inspired by all the things that get you through a dark time.

"A lot of friends of mine are not gamers, but they found that games - whether it be on their phone or whatever - really got them through it.

"I think we all struggled during the first lockdown. I know a lot of people struggled not socialising, not seeing friends and family.

"I found that [through gaming], you really get to know people. And it's a really healthy, social thing to do.

"You're engaging with people, which can only be a good thing.

"Gaming really got me through that time. Playing video games massively helped with my mental health."