James Arthur has taken up hiking and quit smoking in a bid to get to 15 stone by Christmas Day (25.12.20).

The 'Say You Won't Let Go' hitmaker revealed in May that his weight had ballooned to 17 stone in the first coronavirus lockdown, after "stuffing his face" with fake sausage sandwiches and cake.

And now, James has revealed he has set himself the goal to shed two stone come December 25.

The 32-year-old pop star recently climbed Guisborough Three Peaks in North Yorkshire and admitted it left him "absolutely battered".

He told his fans during an Instagram Live: “We climbed the peaks. I’m trying to get in shape by doing lots of hiking. I’ve just got back from a 14km hike and I’m f*****. Absolutely battered.”

As well as getting active, the 'Lasting Lover' hitmaker has curbed his nicotine habit and is eating healthier.

He added: "Probably have some sweet potato, probably have some salt, cause I’m trying to be healthy, trying to lose some weight.

“I’ve got a goal. Christmas Day I need to weigh in at 15 stone.

“Am I smoking? I wish. I’m on a health kick.”

James - who is "pretty much" a vegan - admitted he had nothing else to do in lockdown other than chow down on calorific cakes to feed his sweet tooth.

He said earlier this year: "I have put on a fair bit of weight since the beginning of the lockdown because there's nothing else to do but stuff my face.

"I've got a sweet tooth so it's just cake really. I love cake.

"I'm pretty much a vegan so I've been having the fake meat - sausage sandwiches and stuff like that I've been digging into.

"I've set myself a goal to lose a bit of weight. It might sound extreme but I'm 6ft 3in and I weigh 17st so I'd like to drop a couple of stone if possible."