James Bay found it difficult when his long run on the road supporting debut album 'Chaos and the Calm' ended at the end of 2016.

The 'Let It Go' singer songwriter was on the road for long periods of time after releasing the record in 2015, and while he was grateful for the time to spend with his girlfriend, he knew he would miss his "touring family".

Speaking candidly, he told Billboard magazine: "That club is the coolest club you could ever be a part of. But I have a girlfriend at home who I've known for 10 years. It's not nice to be away from home or her for long periods of time.

"Finally I was done and I was back, and her and I could spend all the time that we want together. It's such a conflicting time, because it was time to take a big break from those brilliant people I'd been traveling with - there's two negatives there and there's two positives, and all of it culminates in this comment sense of unity and how difficult times can be."

He opened up about the difficulties of life on the road, and admitted some things are "definitely worth fighting for".

It appears those problems and the balancing act of his personal life and time as a touring musician helped inspire his upcoming new LP.

He added: "Life will throw problems at you, but it's clearly true that there are a few of those that are definitely worth fighting for. In all sorts of different, very passionate ways, that sort of emotion came out. And this unity thing became a strong theme across the record."