James Blunt is quitting the music industry.

It’s ok (*puts fingers to lips*)… we know what you’re thinking. We’re thinking it too… We didn’t really know he was still in the music industry. As far as we knew, he made a bundle of cash off that one song that he released, that quickly became one of the most irritating songs of all time and then he decided to make a life for himself hanging out in Ibiza. He’s got a villa out there, you know. See – we knew that much about him. We just didn’t know he still considered himself to be a musician. The mind boggles…

We were going to pay tribute to James Blunt, to mark his apparent passing from the world of music, with some kind of ‘Top 5’ list of his songs. But then we could only remember that one song, ‘You’re Beautiful.’ So instead, we had a little look at the source of this news, which has come as a shock to us, for all the wrong reasons. According to the Daily Mail, the 38 year-old former soldier made the ‘revelation’ at the relaunch of the Barbarella nightclub, in Fulham, where he told the press “I just want to take some time out for myself.” He’s got a villa in Ibiza, you know, so he’ll probably just hang out there, a bit more than he already does. He confirmed that he doesn’t have “any plans to do more songwriting,” and stressed how much he’s enjoyed hanging out, in Ibiza – where he has a villa… and a yacht – with his girlfriend Sofia.

The Daily Mail report confirmed that his last gig in Britain was at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire, back in February 2012. They confirmed that the gig was attended by his “entire family,” though there’s no word on whether or not anyone else went, as well.