As the buzz of excitement begins for James Bond's next big screen appearance in 'Spectre', Daniel Craig seems glad to be back in a suit and a sports car as he hits the red carpet at the movie's production launch.

Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes at 'Spectre' launch
Daniel Craig is glad to be reunited with Sam Mendes

It's been three years since the release of 'Skyfall' a double Oscar winning success that became Sony Picture's highest grossing film of all time, and Craig is certainly ready to don his secret agent persona once more. 'We spent two years getting this together and there's been so much hard work and effort, and so [the launch] just signifies the beginning and that's very exciting', he says.

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More exciting news came with the fact that Sam Mendes would return as the director on 'Spectre', after making such a big impact with 'Skyfall'. 'He's the only guy for the job and he did such a wonderful job with 'Skyfall' and came down to the next one and it just seemed to be the obvious choice', Craig insists. While we're thrilled to see what surprises 007 has in store for us next year, we have to admit we're getting overly excited about the new car. 'It's great', he says. 'I haven't wrecked this one yet, but I will.'

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The new movie has recently been caught in the Sony email leak scandal that has hit several big budget films of the past and future. Early drafts of the script were unveiled to the public along with some huge spoilers - but it doesn't seem anyone involved in the new movie is letting the news put a dampener on their time with it.

The new James Bond car at 'Spectre' launch
Daniel Craig hasn't wrecked new Bond car. Yet.

We can only hope that details of the landmark 25th instalment of the Bond franchise, currently with the working title 'Bond 25', will remain under wraps until much later.

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'Spectre' has a scheduled release date of November 6th 2015.