Aside from the riveting plot lines, unbeaten chase scenes, sickeningly suave dialogue and general brilliance that is James Bond himself, the movies also have some other excellent features, namely: gadgets and girls. 

Classic gadgets have always been provided by resident technological genius Q, and they include the rigged attache case that makes an appearance in many of movies, the golden gun from The Man With the Golden Gun, the cigarette that appears in You Only Live Twice which contains a rocket, and the ring that Q provided Bond with which ensures a jackpot at any slot machine. Useful, eh? The Bond gadgets aren't limited to the fictionalised world within the films, but even creating the movies requires a variety of 'gadgets'. Skyfall's most impressive gadget is the enormous 3D printer that was used to recreate an Aston Martin DB5, recreating the classic car driven by Sean Connery to scale. According to NY Daily News there were three replicas made, each built of 18 perfectly made parts, to enable cars doors, boot and hood to move exactly as the original would have done, among other features. Incredible! 

Bond girls, are an entirely different kettle of fish. Names, so shamelessly innuendo fuelled that one barely even bothers to blush, must be beautiful, glamorous, exotic and powerful. Despite the British trademark, Bond girls are often not. Octopussy, played by Maud Adams (in Octopussy), was Swedish, Judy Havelock portrayed by Carole Bouquet (in For Your Eyes Only) was French, Michelle Yeoh's Wai Lin (in Tomorrow Never Dies) was Malaysian and the past three Daniel Craig movies have all had a distinctly French twist, with Eva Green (Casino Royale), Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) and Berenice Marlohe (Skyfall) all French and all portraying a Bond Girl. Now talk has turned to future Bond girls and Craig has backed Rihanna over Beyonce for the post, according to NY Daily News, because 'she's dirtier'.