Despite being called the best Bond over, breaking box-office records and continuing the tradition of subsequent 007 flicks to outdo the last, Skyfall risks falling into the pantheon of James Bond films not to grab an Oscar.

Following 2 wins from 24 nominations, the odds are stacked against Skyfall, with the Academy's penchant for ignoring serialized entries. But that's hardly fair considering both the fiscal and critical success the 23rd Bond has been. 

Mark Kermode - esteemed BBC film critic - told Digital Spy: "The really interesting question is going to be Skyfall. How is Skyfall going to do at the awards because traditionally Bond movies are not awards movies? They're crowd-pleasers and they tend to be slightly neglected by the awards ceremonies. I think that what Sam Mendes has done with Skyfall is to reinvent the Bond franchise in a way that deserves to be an awards contender. I'd love to see Skyfall get significant nominations. I hope it does."

Bond will be recognised come February 24th, but an award is no guarantee. The Academy have stated that a commemorative tribute will be paid to mark the spy franchise's 50th anniversary of getting the girl and saving the world. Adele is even rumoured to be singing the theme tune, so either way, it should be a special night for Bond fans.