After a rather lukewarm critical reception in comparison to its predecessor, 'Spectre' has left us feeling that the whole James Bond franchise could do with shaking up a bit. And what better way to do that than getting Danny Dyer on board? (Don't answer that.)

Danny DyerDanny Dyer wants to inject some working class charisma into the role

The 'Eastenders' star is willing after all, revealing to The Sun that he's seriously considering applying for the role when Daniel Craig leaves. 'I'd love to do the Bond. Bring something different to the Bond, you know what I mean?' He said. 'Bit of charisma. A working class Bond.'

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A working class Bond? That's a strange thought. Here are 10 more unlikely Brits we're sure could do blue-collar Bond justice:

1. Plan B - This London-born rapper (real name Ben Drew) has certainly got the looks and the charm for Bond, and he has been getting into acting seriously recently. He directed 'Ill Manors' in 2012, and while he only made a cameo in the actual film, he did have a starring role as a gun-toting detective in the reboot of 'The Sweeney'.

Plan BIf in doubt Bond producers, there's always Plan B

2. Gerard Butler - Not an altogether ridiculous notion, actually. He's slightly younger than Craig, has that ruggedly handsome thing going for him and he's Scottish just like the best Bond EVER Sean Connery. Plus, he had a similar role in 'Olympus Has Fallen'.

Gerard ButlerActually, Gerard Butler isn't a bad suggestion

3. Noel Clarke - The Laurence Olivier and BAFTA award-winning actor certainly has the talent to play such a high profile role, and his role in 'Adulthood' rendered him formidable enough to hold a license to kill. It's also about time we had a black 007 anyway.

Noel ClarkeThe name's Clarke. Noel Clarke.

4. Riz Ahmed - Whilst we're talking diversity, this handsome Londoner shouldn't let his Pakistani heritage prevent him from going for gold(finger). Best known for his roles in 'Four Lions', 'Ill Manors' and 'Nightcrawler', if Ahmed can star next to Jake Gyllenhaal, he can surely do Bond.

Riz AhmedRiz Ahmed could bring some much needed diversity to Bond

5. John Simm - What's more working class than a broad Lancashire accent? His role as Sam Tyler in 'Life On Mars' proves he can run around with a gun catching baddies and that's all Bond is, really, right? He's another one slightly younger than Daniel Craig.

John SimmThere will probably be 'life on Mars' before John Simm is Bond

6. Ray Winstone - Because why the hell not? Sure, at 58-years-old he's getting on a bit but, seriously, who's going to mess with this Hackney hard-man? And while he might not be traditionally handsome, he's still a charmer.

Ray WinstoneWho says Bond has to be young and sexy?

7. Ross Kemp - It might be another laughable suggestion but he's practically SAS anyway after his long stretch on 'Ultimate Force'. He's not scared of anything either; he has taken a documentary crew to literally the most dangerous places in the world from pirate infested waters in Somalia and war-torn Afghanistan to the ganglands of Compton and Cape Town prison.

Ross KempBond is probably a bit too tame for Ross Kemp

8. Neil Maskell - He's probably one of the most underrated British actors out there and he's already played the part of a hitman in 'Kill List' - which means Bond is just a walk in the park for Maskell.

Neil MaskellWho'd be on Neil Maskell's 'kill list' as James Bond?

9. Marc Warren - Warren would be utterly terrifying as a proper cockney MI6 agent, plus he even looks a bit like Craig. He might be a little typecast, but stints in 'The Hogfather' and 'Doctor Who' proves he's versatile.

Marc WarrenIt's about time Bond had a cockney accent

10. Christopher Eccleston - He's played The Doctor, he's played the Second Coming, he's played the Duke of Norfolk, he's played Marvel supervillain Malekith the Accursed and he's even played John Lennon. He's out to prove Northerners can do anything.

Christopher EcclestonFrom The Doctor to 007!