The reviews are in – Chadwick Boseman makes a star turn as James Brown in Get On Up. Judging by the GIFs, he’s definitely got the moves and critics say he’s got the presence as well. The movie opens Friday, but early predictions are putting it at $16,5 million – not a very impressive number for the summer box office, but definitely in the upper tier of biopics.

Chadwick Boseman, Get On Up
Playing the soul icon could be a career-making move for Boseman.


Despite the good outlook for Get On Up, Boseman recalls being initially apprehensive about starring in another biography, after he drew praise as Jackie Robinson in 2013’s 42.

 "I wasn't looking to do it again for another 15, 20 years," he said for USA Today — and he had no training in musical theater performance.

Watch the Get On Up trailer below.

​"He didn't come from Broadway," says Rolling Stones singer and Get On Up producerMick Jagger. "He was never in a rock band. He was never a hip-hop artist. He had to learn how to be James Brown, one of our great onstage dancers."


But Boseman learned fast and his role in Get On Up is already attracting (very) early Oscar buzz for 2015. Of course, it’s fate won’t be clear until after the weekend, which looks to be dominated by Guardians of the Galaxy. See you on Monday for the box office recap then.


Viola Davis
Viola Davis co-stars as James' wife Susie Brown.