Actor James Caan signed up for a guest appearance on his son Scott's hit U.S. TV drama Hawaii Five-O so the two could spend more time together.
The Godfather icon played a retired New York Police Department detective during an episode, which aired in America on Monday (27Feb12), but he admits his star turn wasn't exactly a career move - he just wanted an excuse to pal around with his actor son and series regular Scott Caan.
He tells the New York Post, "I did it just to be with my kid. He is out there in Hawaii all the time, and I really miss him. (The show's producers) know that, and they are probably going to want me to do some more with them - and, to be honest with you, I probably would do it just to hang around with him.
"We still talk all the time. He calls me with his problems. I call him with my problems. We talk about absolutely everything - whether it is love life or health. That's what made it so special and great."
And the 71 year old jokes he was forced to take a steep pay cut.
He adds, "Scott got outraged by the offer. But I was like, 'Let them buy me a watch. Make it a present so that is it is clear that I am doing it because I want to hang out with you.'"