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12th April 2011

Quote: "I joke but when I'm not making movies, my wife literally goes 'Go get a job.' And I say, 'Doing what? Making f**king shoes? Start bakin' cakes? I'm a moron! That's why I'm an actor!'" Actor James Caan jokes about his limited skills.

12th April 2011

Quote: "I remember at 16 years old, growing up in Queens (New York), we were punks, but hey, when we went to the theatre, we wore a shirt and tie." Actor James Caan insists he's always had respect for the theatre.

6th April 2011

Quote: "I cracked my leg somehow. It has screws in it so now the boot's off, and I walk with a cane. Not fun. But I always put my foot in my mouth, so that's probably how whatever happened, happened." Actor James Caan jokes about walking with a cane.

14th January 2011

Quote: "Here's what I've learned over the years. I'd tell him some dark secrets about something, a girl or something I did. We'd be alone at night, having a beer or coffee... and I'd say, 'Listen, I did such and such, and please Bobby, you're my buddy, don't say anything. He'd say, 'Yeah, yeah, sure.' Then he'd wait until there's a room of 500 people and say, 'What about the time you f**ked that girl?' or whatever. He's done that to me a hundred times and I'm still stupid enough to tell him private s**t. He is the most blatantly honest guy." James Caan has learned not to tell all to pal Robert Duvall over the years.

6th January 2011

Fact: James Caan, Billy Bob Thornton and Andy Garcia all turned out to honour movie legend Robert Duvall as he celebrated his 80th birthday on Wednesday (05Jan11) by cementing his place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Godfather icon placed his hands and feet in cement outside the historic Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard as his pals paid tribute to his accomplished career.

17th November 2010

Quote: "He was hoping I'd end up Derek Jeter. He wanted me to play short stop for the (New York) Yankees." Acting legend James Caan had high sporting hopes for his son SCOTT, who ended up following his dad into Hollywood.

16th November 2010

Quote: "With baseball, he was nuts. He chased umpires too, I remember one umpire hid behind a fence because he made a bad call, and I think my dad had a bat in the trunk! I think most kids think their dad is Superman, the tough guy, but my dad really is!" Actor Scott Caan was in awe of his sports-mad Hollywood star father James Caan growing up.

11th May 2010

Quote: "Once I did something for him and he cut me out of the movie... I flew out from Miami, didn’t get paid, worked in 104 degrees and then he cut me out." James Caan on working with his son Scott.

5th August 2009

Quote: "They're f***ing nuts. You have to either accept that or you do like me: You get married four times. I think after you get divorced twice it should be like driving - you lose your licence." The Godfather actor James Caan is wary of women after his recent split from fourth wife, LINDA STOKES.

31st July 2009

Fact: Benicio Del Toro has been honoured for his big screen achievements in Havana, Cuba. The star - who played Cuban activist Che Guevara in two films last year (08) - was handed the Tomas Gutierrez Alea prize at a ceremony attended by actors Robert Duvall, James Caan and Bill Murray.

12th September 2005

Quote: <p>"I think, in a sense, it killed the career that he wanted. I think he envisioned more like a Woody Allen career. He wanted to do his own film and The Godfather got in the way." James Caan insists his pal and The Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola's career was ruined by his 1972 gangster epic. </p>

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