We take it all back. We honestly thought James Corden's Carpool Karaoke couldn't get any better than the Adele edition. We were wrong. Coldplay's Chris Martin has never made us laugh this much before as he made his debut on the segment as part of Corden's CBS program 'The Late Late Show'.

James CordenJames Corden and Chris Martin make the best team

So it started off with Chris literally hitching a lift to the Super Bowl in San Francisco where he's due to perform this weekend. James is willing to help him out, but clearly doesn't realise how many miles they need to cover. They're Brits in the US after all, and not so used to such massive distances people have to travel by road. Another thing they don't understand is the Super Bowl itself, which Chris hilariously tries to explain and ends up mashing together the rules of several different sports including baseball and tennis.

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'So the pitcher, he has to get from... he has to tee off and then it lands wherever it might land', he jokes. 'Then it's 15-love. If he gets it in the basket, then it's nine points to the other team. And at the end of it they hand out bowls and some of them are really super.' Wow. An epic new ball game has just been invented.

One of the best moments from this unforgettable Carpool Karaoke session - which saw them sing along to Coldplay hits the likes of 'Adventure Of A Lifetime', 'Yellow', 'Hymn For The Weekend', 'Viva La Vida' and 'Paradise' - was Chris' incredible impressions of Bruce Springsteen and Mick Jagger, which understandably had James in stitches.

Their stops are just as funny as their drive though. After stopping off for snacks at the gas station, Chris sits on James' shoulders in a bit to retrieve two San Francisco hats off the wall, which they don with matching sunglasses as they sing 'Hymn For The Weekend'. They also stop at a streetside lemonade stand set up by some young kids, but the drinks turn out to be more sugar than lemon. 'I want to punch an elephant', says Chris as he is hit by an almighty sugar rush.

Chris also demonstrates a little Super Bowl half-time ditty on his keyboard which he brought with him, followed by a tribute to David Bowie in the form of a 'Heroes' cover, and a rendition of 'Us Against The World' to which James beautifully harmonises leaving Chris very impressed.

He was less than impressed with James' mistranslation of the lyrics to 'Viva La Vida', however, as the latter broke into the chorus of 'A few cherished little bells are ringing' before realising that the actual lyrics are 'I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing'. Oops!

A perfect end to a perfect Carpool Karaoke, they stop off at a motel, climb into bed and softly sing 'Fix You'. And when they wake up the next morning to discover the car has been stolen, they continue their journey on a tandem bicycle. Best bromance ever.