James Corden paid tribute to the catastrophic loss 'La La Land' suffered at the 89th Academy Awards last week, with his own rendition of the musical's song 'Audition (The Fools Who Dream)'. He dons a wig to echo the main character, and takes us back to that cringeworthy incident.

James CordenJames Corden performs his own rendition of 'La La Land''s 'Audition'

Dressed as Emma Stone's character Mia, with Ryan Gosling also making an appearance reprising his role as Sebastian, he sang about how the film was accidentally named Best Picture at the Oscars on Sunday (February 26th 2017) in a segment on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden'.

Mirroring Stone in the movie, James mashes up the clip from the film with his sketch, preparing for his audition as he is asked to tell a story, to paint a picture. 'A picture? My film used to be Best Picture', he begins, emotion in his voice. 'I remember it was Oscar night, Faye Dunaway said 'La La Land' had won. I remember our whole team jumped on the stage, leapt without looking, gave speeches, until the PricewaterhouseCooper guys came up and said, ''Moonlight''s the winner'... and we all lost our damn minds. Was this a mix-up? A conspiracy? A Fix-up? Or was Warren Beatty just blind?'

He exchanged the line 'Here's to the ones who dream' with 'Here's to the ones who lose', and slid in a number of hilarious jokes like: 'This result doesn't seem right, Oscars used to be so white'. What made it even more money was James' apparent earnestness; he is, after all, trained in musical theatre, having starred in 2014's 'Into the Woods'. In his 'La La Land' skit, he also made reference to the hit song from his latest acting venture, 'Trolls'.

Let's hope the cast and crew of 'La La Land' can laugh about the incident now. It was an extremely awkward fiasco, with those involved in the movie even going as far as getting up on stage and, indeed, getting halfway through their acceptance speeches before a disturbance erupted from amidst the crowd and producer Jordan Horowitz had to rather sternly reveal that 'Moonlight' had in fact won Best Picture. 

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Poor Warren Beatty, who had dithered with Faye Dunaway after opening the envelope before the latter announced 'La La Land', was forced to explain that he had been handed the wrong thing as the cast of 'Moonlight' hesitantly filed towards the stage to claim their prize.

It wasn't the first ever Oscars flub, and it most likely won't be the last.