James Corden thinks he'll "dramatically fail" to "keep it together" during his final episode of 'The Late Late Show'.

The 44-year-old actor previously announced that he'll walk away from the show in 2023, and James is convinced that he'll burst into tears during the final episode.

During an appearance on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon', James explained: "My intention - which I think I'll fail at dramatically - is to just not be crying for the entire hour, which I think I will be.

"So I'm really going to try to keep it together.

"Our intention is to, you know, go out in the way that we came in and I will miss it hugely."

Earlier this year, James revealed that he's quitting 'The Late Late Show' in order to spend more time with his kids.

The TV star has Max, 11, Carey, eight, and Charlotte, five, with his wife Julia Carey, and James admitted that his kids were one of the big factors behind his decision to return to the UK.

He said: "We had to cancel last year's summer holiday [because of work clashes] and when I told Max, he looked so sad, and I had this sudden revelation of the maths: we've only got six more summers with the kids, before they start wanting to go off with their mates, six if we're lucky.

"I knew I just couldn't do that again. So that's why I quit."

James also explained the decision during a monologue on 'The Late Late Show'.

He shared: "When I started this journey, it was always going to be just that. It was going to be a journey, an adventure. I never saw it as my final destination.

"I never want this show to overstay its welcome in any way. I always want to love making it. And I really think in a year from now, that will be a good time to move on and see what else might be out there."