A great many of us have woken up after a heavy night out wondering what on Earth we decided was a good idea to do while inebriated - but few are left more embarrassed than James Corden, who incurred the internet's wrath by kissing former Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

James Corden at the Emmy AwardsJames Corden at the Emmy Awards

Just because he's no longer a part of the White House family doesn't excuse the fact that Sean Spicer has repeatedly lied to the American public over the last several months. As if his inclusion in Sunday night's (September 17th 2017) Emmy Awards ceremony wasn't bad enough, James Corden made things worse by being pictured giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Given that he's been slating Donald Trump on his 'Late Late Show' since he first decided to run for President, James' fans were understandably furious by his hypocritical cosying-up to a man who has been reponsible for spreading Trump's lies. Spicer's resignation has by no means excused some of the things he said about the press.

'According to some reports, at the after-party, Spicer was the most popular guy in the room. And I just want to say, I think people are forgetting that this man lied to the American people, and should not be embraced', James Corden said on his show, as the photo of him kissing Sean Spicer appeared on the screen.

'These Hollywood phonies kissing up to Sean Spicer are disgusting. I mean, who did this? Who are we talking about here?' He joked. 'Yeah. I know you think that is a picture of me kissing Sean Spicer. But in the spirit of Sean Spicer - no, it isn't. Anyone ever have that feeling when you get a little drunk and then wake up the next morning and think 'Oh God, who did I kiss last night?' It's a bit like that.'

Still, his apology was sincere enough and he completely gets why people are angry with him. 'Understandably, some people have been disappointed by this photo. In truth, I'm disappointed by it as well', he continued. 'I am, have been reading a lot of harsh comments on Twitter today, and I hear you loud and clear, truly, I do.'

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Let's just hope that Hollywood is more responsible when it comes to choosing award show guests in the future.