In the wake of the recent terror attack in London, James Corden - who has been shooting 'The Late Late Show' in the city - opens up about his love for the city and the pride he feels about the people that live there, as well as the fearless attitude he feels from his hometown.

James Corden filming 'The Late Late Show' in LondonJames Corden filming 'The Late Late Show' in London

James Corden once again opened his show with a monologue about yet another attack on British soil, but this time there was a joy to his tone directed at the attitudes of his fellow Londoners. He couldn't be more thrilled to be back at home once again.

'I'm so sad when I think about all the times since I took this job that I've had to open our show talking about such atrocities, trying to find the right words to say is impossible because there are none', he began. 'But this time it felt incredibly close to home. All of our 'Late Late Show' staff were out in London on Saturday night having a great time and we're all staying in a hotel about two minutes away from where the attack took place. Some people might say it's a strange time to do a variety show from this city - I couldn't disagree more.'

He went on to speak about the general election that is happening this week, where a Prime Minister will be elected for the UK. He asserted that the Houses of Parliament represent democracy - 'something that the people who carried out this attack hate' - and promised 'the silliest, stupidest, most fun-packed shows we've ever made' to come this week from 'The Late Late Show'.

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'The people who carried out that attack, they would hate that too', he continued. 'I'm so proud to be broadcasting here from my hometown and I'm proud to show off its beauty, its diversity and its stoic, British determination to let nothing or anybody stand in our way. This is not a country that feels afraid.'