'Sharknado' is probably one of the best worst indie film series ever created, and with the premiere of 'Sharknado 5: Global Swarming' over the weekend, it's safe to say that the world was gripped once again. Especially James Corden, who reserved a special segment on his show devoted to the new release.

James Corden at 'The Emoji Movie' premiereJames Corden at 'The Emoji Movie' premiere

Of course, nobody else James knew seemed to have watched the film - I mean, it's about sharks getting swept up in a cyclone and killing city folk, it's kind of a niche subject - but it's probably the best movie he's seen all year. After watching it on Sunday night (August 6th 2017), he decided to recount some of his favourite moments from the 'epic' film.

'You know when you're watching a movie but you keep forgetting the name of that movie?' He said. 'What's the one about Walt Disney? See? I can't even remember that. What's the film about Walt Disney with Tom Hanks?... 'Saving Mr. Banks'! I can never remember it's called 'Saving Mr. Banks'. Well, luckily, with 'Sharknado', that is not a problem.'

He proceeded to play every instance of the word 'Sharknado' being used in the SyFy film and it's hilarious. Though he does warn against playing a drinking game where you take a shot with every mention, because, let's face it, you wouldn't survive the whole film.

You might be surprised to hear James Corden get so passionate about 'Sharknado 5'; surely the novelty would have worn off after the first installment in 2013? But James hasn't actually seen any of the previous films so he was left more than a little confused. Not half as confused as the movie's star Tara Reid, as he proved in another sequence of clips. 

Naturally, he loved the London scenes the best, apart from Clay Aiken's terrible British accent, of course. 'You can't just say the word 'chap' and think that that's a British accent', he joked. 'That's like me doing an American accent and thinking I just have to add the word 'guns'.'

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Although it turns out that the most ridiculous moment for him was enlisting former model Fabio to play The Pope. An interesting choice of actor, indeed!