Moving away from all the controversy surrounding Beyonce's new visual album project and video 'Lemonade', James Corden has lightened things up by releasing a parody video of his own - with all the body confidence of Bey herself. Even if you're somehow not a fan of Beyonce, 'Lemonjames' is unmissable.

James CordenJames Corden is tired of Trump jokes

The thought of 'The Late Late Show' host in ladies lingerie may not seem so appealing at first glance, but trust us, it's one of the funniest things you'll see all week. He dons the braids and the fur jacket, he's got the sultry voice down, but best of all, he's got a monologue for you.

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'I try to write a monologue for you night after night. Even when we don't have a show I write a monologue, but you don't see that', he purrs. 'I don't wanna do another Trump joke. I've exhausted that topic. I've talked about his hair, his tiny baby hands. Doing Trump jokes makes me feel dirty.

'You know what else makes me feel dirty?' He adds, pausing as bubbles rise in his bathtub and the words 'Trump joke' hit the screen. 'This bathtub.'

He also alludes to the buzz surrounding Beyonce's 'Is 'Becky with the good hair' real?' line. People are still speculating about whether or not she's confirming the rumours that Jay-Z has been cheating on her, and also wondering who she's referring to (is it Rachel Roy or Rita Ora?). 'Does that make you laugh like Jimmy with the good hair?' Is James Corden's take on it; just as ambiguous as we ponder whether he's talking Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon.

He seems to really enjoying donning that yellow dress and curly blonde wig, wielding a baseball bat and smashing up TVs. It's probably the best parody we'll see of Bey's HBO short film.