James Corden stars as TV talent contest winner Paul Potts in One Chance, the sensational movie that has made waves in the UK and is now headed towards the US to spread the inspirational true story of one mind transformation from shop worker to opera singer.

One Chance James Corden
James Corden Is Paul Potts In This Uplifting Success Story.

Directed by The Devil Wears Prada's James Frankel, the movie follows an aspiring singer who is held back by his low self-confidence and tedious shop job. It is only when he meets his wife, Julie-Ann Cooper (Alexandra Roach), that he receives the support he needs to enrol in a Venecian opera school.

After finding little success in Italy owing to his lack of self-esteem, Paul returns to the UK and takes a chance on a brand new television talent show that aims to locate and reward the most talented people in Britain. Paul auditions on a whim and finds himself singing in front of judges Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden.

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Potts' passionate performance, determination to succeed and powerful tenor voice helped him win over the affections of the British public who voted for him to win the £100,000 prize and earn the respect of the opera community.

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Even for those who loathe reality television shows, One Chance is worth a short for a heart-warming and often hilarious look at one man's journey to success against the odds. James Corden is characteristically magnetic as the man who defied bullies and critics to become the next biggest name in British opera and Justin Zackham's script sparkles with wit and warmth.

One Chance is out everywhere in the UK now and will be out on limited release in the USA from the 13th November.

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'One Chance' Will Be Released In Cinemas Throughout November.