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James D'arcy Wants To Direct A Marvel Movie

James D'Arcy wants to direct a Marvel film.The 44-year-old actor has made his directorial debut on comedy 'Made in Italy', which features Liam Neeson and the 'Taken' star's son Michael Richardson, and he's up for...

James D'arcy Joins Abc Drama 'Agent Carter'

James D'Arcy has joined the cast of Marvel's new ABC drama series Agent Carter and will star opposite Hayley Atwell in the highly anticipated show. D'Arcy will play Howard Stark's Butler - an ally to...

James D'arcy Scared Of Ageing Since Cloud Atlas

James D'Arcy is petrified of ageing after starring in 'Cloud Atlas'.The 'Hitchcock' actor has gone on a health kick since playing Rufus Sixsmith - one of his many alter egos in the Wachowski siblings and...

Ben Whishaw Hints At Bond Filming Date

Ben Whishaw has hinted filming for the 24th James Bond movie will kick off early 2014.The 32-year-old actor - who plays high-tech boffin Q in the spy franchise - let slip the gang would be...

Hitchcock Star Struggled With Anthony Perkins Research

Actor James D'arcy struggled to perfect his portrayal of U.S. star Anthony Perkins in new movie Hitchcock because the only interviews he could find were conducted in French.D'Arcy bears a striking resemblance to Alfred Hitchcock's...

Hot Tickets! This Weekend's Us Movie Releases: Skyfall, Lincoln, In Their Skin, Nature Calls

With the drama and devastation that befell the East Coast of America, with the arrival of Hurricane Sandy last week, US movie fans seem to have opted for the feel-good factor with their box office...

Anthony Hopkins Presents... Hitchcock: Hitchcock Biopic Previews.

The much anticipated Alfred Hitchcock biopic finally hit preview screens this week, and having already been tipped for Oscar success, the performances and subsequent reviews seem to echo that gossip.Sacha Gervasi has taken the helm...

Cloud Atlas Makers Taken To Task After Casting Whites As Asians

The makers of Cloud Atlas have come under fire from the Media Action Network For Asian Americans after applying make-up to white Caucasian actors to make them appear more Asian in spite of the film...

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