Desperate Housewives star James Denton is considering having a vasectomy at the request of his wife.
The father-of-two, whose TV character Mike Delfino was killed off in last Sunday's (11Mar12) Housewives episode, admits he keeps putting off the procedure because there are too many nightmare stories from guys who have regretted signing up for the operation.
In a candid moment on Friday morning's (16Mar12) Access Hollywood Live, Denton said, "It's been an ongoing source of consternation in my house. Elective surgery just doesn't seem like a lot of fun, but sometimes you take one for the team.
"It's kinda scary, I've got to admit. You talk to guys and you get both stories - all this 'No big deal, it's the easiest thing on earth,' and then you get that one guy... and he tells you it's horrible (and) he goes into all this detail and that sets you back another month and you put it off again."