Justin Bieber is a prime target for mockery, with his silly hair, even sillier songs and his army of scarily obsessed teenage fans, it's difficult not to mock him. However, James Franco apparently laments his own little Bieber-jibe and has been apologetic about the stunt since he made it.

Franco dressed up as Justin and had two of his female friends take part in a video, based on Bieber's song 'Boyfriend'. Franco donned a hat and swept his hair to one side to mimic the singer, while lipsyncing to the song. Soon after it was posted online he deleted it, much to the disappointment of many. Luckily, one astute viewer managed to save it and re-upload it for the rest of the world to enjoy. However, at the Sundance Film Festival he spoke to E! to explain why he chose to remove the vid: "I was asked to take it down by some people," James says. "Bieber didn't contact me, but I don't think he was too happy. I wasn't trying to diss him." 

Franco's video is probably the least of Bieber's worries at the moment since his mom has made a video that is strongly geared to be anti-abortion. Apparently, sources say that Bieber's pretty uncomfortable with the whole thing and is fed up with the amount of bad press he's been getting lately.