James Franco, the 32-year-old American actor currently starring in Danny Boyle's movie '127 Hours', has been named 'Leading Man of the Year 2010' by GQ Magazine. Franco appears on the cover of the December 'Men of the Year' issue.
In an interview with the magazine, the actor, who is also a published writer, says that he gets frustrated when reporters and bloggers just want to hear him talk about sex, he said people want to hear, "Sexual stuff, embarrassing stuff. Sleeping in class stuff, getting bad grades stuff", before adding, "But if I write something about poetry or somebody reviews my art show like the New York Times critic Roberta Smith, it goes nowhere". Other 'Men of the Year' included the comedian, presenter, and actor Stephen Colbert who was 'Patriot of the Year', and actor Jeff Bridges, who won 'Icon of the Year'. Elsewhere, the rapper Drake was 'Breakout of the Year'.
Responding to recent speculation that he is gay, Franco said, "They (reporters) want a new angle, I guess. But they all want the same new angle" The actor is set to play beat poet Allen Ginsberg in the movie 'Howl', set for release on 25th February 2011.