The 127 Hours star, whose mother is Jewish, was feted by celebrities including pal Seth Rogen as part of his fourth annual Hilarity for Charity fundraiser, which raises money for Alzheimer's research.

James was welcomed into Judaism during a private bar mitzvah ceremony, usually celebrated by 13-year-old boys, earlier this month (Oct15), so Saturday's party at the Hollywood Palladium served as a belated reception with celebrity guests.

Seth served as the night's host, and told the audience the bar mitzvah wouldn't be complete unless James underwent a circumcision, which is typically performed by a rabbi on baby boys.

James willingly lay down on a gurney to undergo the fake operation as Goldblum appeared onstage, dressed as a rabbi, ready to perform the cut.

Zac Efron also made an appearance in a pre-recorded video, in which he played James' "foreskin" and joked about protecting the actor for a long time. He then requested to be buried in Bungalow 3 at Hollywood's famous Chateau Marmont, the room where comedian John Belushi was famously found dead following a drug overdose in 1982.

Miley Cyrus served as the evening's entertainment, hitting the stage wearing a blue leotard and carrying a giant blue foam Star of David, as she performed her hit We Can't Stop and a cover of Rick James' Superfreak.

Sibling trio Haim gave traditional Jewish song Hava Nagila a rock twist, while other guests included Bill Hader, Maria Shriver, and comedians Ron Funches and Al Madrigal.

"This bar mitzvah represents a fresh start for me," James told the crowd. "Everything I did prior to this moment I didn't do as a man but as a mere child. Therefore, any behaviour that might have been questionable at any time, just know I wasn't thinking, I was just a boy with the cognitive capacity of a minor. I want to thank you all for coming and seeing me finally become a man."

James' bar mitzvah fundraiser brought in over $2 million (£1.25 million) for the Hilarity for Charity organisation, which Seth launched in 2011 with his wife Lauren Miller after her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.