METALLICA star James Hetfield decided to ditch alcohol after a bear-hunting trip to Siberia left him a booze-guzzling wreck.

The 39-year-old rocker has vowed never to touch a drop of alcohol again, after it became his primary source of nutrition on his snow-filled trip.

He says, "I went on a bear hunt in Siberia for two weeks. I'm sitting around a chicken coop in four feet of snow with Russians and AK-47s, and there was nothing to drink expect vodka or melted snow. I opted for vodka.

"Pretty soon, it turned into a shot for breakfast, and once I tagged out with my bear, I'm just drinkin'. So that was my bottom.

"I came home and continued the behaviour. It disrupted my family, and I was given an ultimatum. I'm very glad it's over. I certainly do not miss the hangovers."

15/05/2003 21:32