The temptation to place classic performances, films and music on a pedestal and never let your mind’s eye topple them is strong. We hold a robust affection for culture gone by, and often struggle to let modern talent permeate the pantheon of classic big-screen behemoths.

James McAvoyMcAvoy in Welcome to The Punch

'Tosh,' says Irvine Welsh, who asserts that James McAvoy’s performance in Filth is better than that of Robert De Niro’s in Taxi Driver – a turn that would forever ensure him legendary status.

"I saw a performance a few years ago by Michael Shannon in the film Take Shelter and I thought it was one of the most remarkable portrayals I had seen since Robert de Niro in Taxi Driver,” said Welsh, who wrote the book from which the film is adapted.

"And I would say that James beats both of those in this film. You really dislike his character but you feel for him too, you want to know what happens to him. James just nailed it," he added to The Evening Times.

As you can see in our very-much-18+ trailer, Filth is the uncompromising story of a cop bent beyond recognition. PC Bruce Robertson is an alcohol-swilling, narcotic-guzzling, violent criminal with a penchant for the flesh. Filth is "bonkers,” asserts McAvoy, according to The Guardian.

Watch the 18+ Filth trailer here

“It asks a lot of the audience, and there will be people who walk out of the cinema, I'm sure of it. And there will be people who don't understand it and get totally lost. But for those who get it, I think they'll really love it," he adds. "Our editor saw it and he said James is unbelievable in it – but whether anybody will ever get to see it 'cause it's so out there…"