Paul McCartney's son, James McCartney, has hinted that The Beatles - The Next Generation is a distinct possibility. In an interview with the Bbc, James explained that the idea of The Beatles: Version 2.0, featuring the offspring of members of The Beatles, had already been discussed.
I'd be up for it," the 34-year-old son of the original mop-top said. "Sean [Lennon] seemed to be into it, Dhani [Harrison] seemed to be into it . I don't think it's something that Zak [Starkey] wants to do. Maybe Jason [Starkey, another drummer] would want to do it . I don't know, you'd have to wait and see." Zak Starkey is the son of Ringo Starr and already has an established career as a drummer and has played with artists such as The Who, Oasis, Paul Weller, The Waterboys and Johnny Marr. Sean Lennon, the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono also has a number of solo albums under his belt.