British singer James Morrison has written a song about the death of his father last year (10) in a bid to put the tragedy behind him.
Morrison's dad Paul Catchpole, who suffered from alcoholism for 20 years, passed away last August (10) from liver disease, and the star recently admitted he fell into a deep depression after losing his father, spending many days "crying in bed, feeling numb".
The You Give Me Something hitmaker has now revealed he spent nearly two months barely able to function and has written the song Six Weeks about the pain he went through.
He tells British TV show Bbc Breakfast, "Six weeks is the amount of time it was after he passed away, it was the first song I had written since he died so I wanted to capture that time... I didn't do a lot (in those six weeks). I was destroyed, it took me about six weeks before I felt I could go out into the world again... I have never experienced anything that painful on an emotional level, losing my dad was definitely a hard thing for me to deal with... Writing the song got me... thinking positive, writing the song was definitely therapeutic."