Actor James Purefoy chased off a would-be thief outside his London home by grabbing a sword from his movie collection and brandishing it on his doorstep.

The Resident Evil star has an impressive cache of weapons after holding onto most of his props from action epics like A Knight's Tale and Solomon Kane, and Purefoy admits the blades have come in handy in real life.

He tells U.S. Tv host Jimmy Fallon, "One night I was in bed and I could hear, outside in my street in London..., somebody sort of tampering with my motorcycle. I have a chain on the wheel to keep it safe, and so I went over to the window and I looked through the blinds... and the gentleman outside pulled out of his bag this huge pair of bolt cutters, and I could see he was about to cut the chain off the bike and steal the bike. Thief in the night.

"So I go over to the collection, I don't have them hanging on the wall or anything like that, they're just in an umbrella stand by my front door...

"(I grabbed a sword)... I slipped on the back light behind me, I opened the front door, naked, with the sword in hand and I said, 'Pray sir, pray sir, what do you think you're doing with my motorcycle?' He looked up at me, doubletook, terrified, dropped the bolt cutters and ran down the street, and to this very day I've never been too sure which of the weapons he was most frightened of."