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28th March 2013

Quote: "Some alchemy happens between 'action' and 'cut', where apparently I look really f-ing evil." British actor James Purefoy on what makes him the perfect Tv and movie villain.

18th February 2010

Quote: "What clothes I had on would freeze to my body and they'd have to pour a kettle of hot water over me to defrost me." British actor James Purefoy on shooting new movie SOLOMON KANE in freezing temperatures.

16th February 2010

Quote: "The plastic surgeon did the most incredible job - there's no scar at all." British movie hunk James Purefoy downplays the injury to his forehead he received when a fight scene on upcoming movie SOLOMON KANE went wrong.

15th January 2007

Quote: "I don't think he wants to see his dad do that. There are some scenes I've shown him, but I keep my hand hovering over the pause button. I know what's coming." Actor James Purefoy takes care to make sure his nine-year-old son Joe doesn't catch sight of his father's genitals in TV series ROME's saucy scenes.

11th January 2007

Quote: "I'm not saying I'm good-looking, but I think I know now... that I probably do fit into a stereotype of what people perceive to be good-looking - and it's not particularly useful." Vanity Fair star James Purefoy bemoans his dashing looks.

8th January 2007

Quote: "That was a bit of a debacle. I don't really want to talk about it. We all promised that it was best left that we had creative differences. Sadly, some people since have broken that promise, but I'm a gentleman." British actor James Purefoy on walking out on comic book adaptation V For Vendetta.

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