Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine is urging fans to sponsor his very first marathon run and make a donation to charity as a birthday gift to him.
The She Will Be Loved hitmaker will celebrate his 33rd birthday on 5 October (11) and in lieu of presents, he's asking his friends, fans and family to help him reach his $5,000 (£3,125) fundraising goal before he takes on the L.A. Marathon in March (18Mar12).
The race will benefit pediatric cancer organisation The Pablove Foundation, and Valentine hopes that by receiving an outpouring of support, he'll be motivated to complete the gruelling run.
He says, "I usually don't ask for gifts, but this year will you send a donation to The Pablove Foundation to sponsor my run? Now this isn't purely altruism, I've always wanted to run a full marathon; with each dollar you send in, you're emboldening my will to finish this thing."
Valentine isn't the only music star preparing for a big run - R&B singer Mya is working out for the New York Marathon in November (11).