Anyone hoping for the upcoming ‘50 Shades of Grey’ film to set new standards with Hollywood filthiness might end up being sorely disappointed. Word has it that the film might end up being surprisingly tame and focus more on the romance in the books, more than the naughty stuff.

Jamie Dornan will play Christian Grey in the upcoming movieJamie Dornan will play Christian Grey in the upcoming movie

Guests at Universal's presentation after the annual State of the Industry event at CinemaCon in Las Vegas were treated to the first ever clip from the movie, which is due to be released on Valentines Day next year. The two-minute teaser opened with a look at a mostly cloudy Seattle as a piano played softly in the background. The Hollywood Reporter states that the footage shows Anastasia Steele, played by Dakota Johnson meeting Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan in various locations.

First there’s Grey’s office where a receptionist says 'Mr. Grey will see you now' to Anastasia, then they meet in coffee shops and also the hardware store where Anastasia works. All locations which will be familiar to the book’s millions of readers. The focus for the movie seems to be more on the couple’s courting than the more sexual aspects of their relationship. However in one clip Grey is heard saying ‘hearts and flowers -- that's not who I am’ and there was also a glimpse of him pushing Anastasia up against a wall as well as a brief shot of her in a blindfold and a ghostly image of Anastasia with what seemed to be a horse-hair soft whip being brushed across her face. Reaction to the footage has so far been positive, with viewers praising its loyalty to E.L. James’ writing.

Dakota JohnsonDakota Johnson will play Anastasia Steele

This isn't the first time that the idea of a less racy ‘Fifty Shades’ movie has been passed around. In January E! reported that director Sam Taylor-Johnson had ‘dialled back’ sex scenes with a source saying ‘it's less racy than the book’. Of course there will be some sex, as another source told them that Dakota Johnson and Dornan had already 'filmed a majority of the sex scenes and really hit it off.' Producer Michael De Luca also described the pair’s chemistry as ‘hot’.

Of course the upcoming movie has been much hyped with many wondering how Hollywood was going to tackle the erotic novel. It seems now that producers might be trying to play this one safe, i.e., less eroticism and more romance. They probably had visions of 'Showgirls' in their nightmares when planning this one. Still we’ll just have to wait until Valentines Day 2015 for the final verdict, when cinema audiences will get their meeting with Christian Grey.

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