Is50 Shades of Grey really not out yet? Nope, we’ve still got ten months to wait until we see Jamie Dornan in all his Christian Grey glory, but that doesn't mean we cant start getting excited now. You’d have to have been living under a rock for the past few months to not know who Christian Grey is, but which other characters will we be seeing when 50 Shades hits the big screen? With an impressive cast, let’s remember, It’s not all about Christian Grey…

Jamie Dornan will play Christian Grey in the upcoming movieJamie Dornan will play Christian Grey in the upcoming movie

Christian Grey

Played by Jamie Dornan, the successful and wealthy Mr Grey is described as “the epitome of male beauty" in E.L. James’s novel, which sets the bar pretty high. The suave and well dressed Christian, however, has a kinky secret, he’s into BDSM and soon he invites the young Anastasia Steele into his world and offers some eye opening experiences.

Anastasia Steele

College student Anastasia has an instant attraction to Christian when she is sent to interview him for her student newspaper. Young and ‘inexperienced’, the focused and careful Anastasia soon becomes drawn into Christian’s world finding it both enlightening and frightening. Anastasia is played by Dakota Johnson.

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Kate Kavanagh

If it wasn't for Anastasia’s friend Kate, she might not have ever met Christian. The two college friends are polar opposites, with Kate being the more outgoing and confident of the pair. In the beginning Kate is meant to be the one interviewing Christian, but she falls sick, handing over the assignment to Anastasia. At first Kate is all for her friend’s new romance, until she starts to notice a change in Anastasia’s behaviour and becomes suspicious of Christian. Kate is played by Eloise Mumford.

Eloise MumfordEloise Mumford will play Anastasia's best friend

José Rodriguez

Christian isn't the only man to find himself attracted to Anastasia. Her college friend Jose, played by Victor Rasuk, holds a torch for Anastasia although the feeling is not mutual. Unsurprisingly Jose is not Christian’s biggest fan.

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Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey

Marcia Gay Harden will star as Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey, a paediatrician who became Christian’s adoptive mother after his biological mother committed suicide.

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