With just under a week to go until Fifty Shades of Grey hits cinemas, eager fans might need a little something to help them unwind from all the excitement. Something like, lets say, an awesome parody in which the film’s entire trailer is reenacted using Lego!

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson Fifty Shades of Grey stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

Yes stop-motion animators Antonio and Andrea Toscano have created the trailer for fans on Youtube, as part of their series which has also seen Lego reimaginings of Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The Fifty Shades version has already amassed over 1.6million views on Youtube in under a week, which is unsurprising considering the real trailer was 2014's most watched online clip.

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All your favourite scenes from the trailer are recreated here by the plastic Ana and Christian, including the “look at me” “I am” moment and that oh so passionate elevator kiss, which is made even more frantic when your hands don't quite interlock correctly.

But while Ana and Christian don't exactly look as we've come to know them, they certainly sound the same, as the original trailers audio has been used, including Beyoncé's sultry rendition of 'Crazy in Love'

Watch the Fifty Shades of Grey Lego trailer here:

No expense was spared in the Lego world as Christian’s helicopter makes an appearance as does his piano. But what about the infamous ‘red room’? Yes even that makes it in the Lego version, complete with mini handcuffs and a mini whip, Though we doubt a Fifty Shades Lego playset will be out by next Christmas.

Red rooms and helicopters aside, much like with the real deal, the true star of this Fifty Shades trailer is Christian Grey's abs. This time, however, they weren't created in a gym, instead it appears that just some marker was used to give Christian his famous six pack.

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The hotly anticipated film hits cinemas next Friday (February 13th) and is already predicted to make over $60 million at the US box office in its opening weekend, thanks to strong presale tickets.

On Thursday stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan headed to New York for screening of the movie for some of E.L. James’ most dedicated fans. Fans in attendance were said to have been happy that the film has mostly stayed true to the original novel.

Take a look at the real Fifty Shades of Grey trailer here: