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Taylor Lautner Joins Cast Of 'Scream Queens' Season Two

Taylor Lautner Jamie Lee Curtis Emma Roberts John Stamos

Twilight star Taylor Lautner has been cast in season two of Fox horror-comedy 'Scream Queens' as Dr. Cassidy Cascade. The 24-year-old joins John Stamos as season two’s newest cast member, alongside returning stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin and Lea Michele.

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Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin Join The Cast Of Fox's "Scream Queens"

Lea Michele Abigail Breslin Emma Roberts Jamie Lee Curtis

Glee star Lea Michele has just secured a new Fox show – the upcoming comedy horror Scream Queens. The actress is just finishing up the sixth and final run of the musical comedy series about a high school glee club.

Lea Michele
Lea Michele is officially a scream queen now.

Michele has been tipped to star alongside Joe Manganiello (TrueBlood, MagicMikeXXL), Oscar nominee Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Keke Palmer (Akeela and the Bee, Masters of Sex).  The show will also star Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis, just because.

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Jamie Lee Curtis In Car Crash. Jodie Foster Turns Up, From Nowhere

Jamie Lee Curtis Jodie Foster

Hollywood actress Jamie Lee Curtis was involved a serious car accident on Thursday (August 1, 2013) and taken to a hospital in an ambulance.

The star of True Lies was travelling as the passenger in a black Yukon SUV in Venice, CA, when the driver collided with a BMW. Two people, including Curtis, were taken to ER in two separate ambulances, according to TMZ.com. 

The actress' injuries were minor and she was swiftly released and told to rest at home. The other person involved unfortunately suffered far greater injuries.

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From Up On Poppy Hill Review

Very Good

From the studio that brought us classics like Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle, this animated drama feels unusually low-key and realistic. But while the lack of fantastical elements leaves it somewhat dry, as if it should really be a live-action movie, the animation is still a lavishly detailed feast for the eyes.

It's set in 1963 Japan, where orphaned teen Umi (Bolger) lives with her grandmother (Hendricks) atop a hill overlooking a fishing village. She raises flags every morning as a signal her fisherman father, who died in the Korean War, then heads to school where the topic on everyone's lips is the impending demolition of the ramshackle clubhouse. As the nation prepares for the Tokyo 1964 Olympics, old buildings like this must go, but the students band together to protect it, and Umi teams up with student journalist Shun (Yelchin) to clean up the building and make a plea to the corporate boss (Bridges). Meanwhile, Shun is having a personal crisis: as he begins to fall for Umi, he starts to suspect that they have the same father.

The film never really weaves these two plot strands together, so as Umi and Shun try to save the clubhouse and work out their parentage, each storyline feels like a distraction from the other. But they both raise intriguing questions about the past, present and future in a nation still recovering from WWII. And the beautifully rendered backgrounds bring the period to life with artful detail. On the other hand, the characters are more basic anime shapes, inexpressive and a bit stiff, which makes it difficult to identify with them even when their stories turn extremely emotional.

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First Footage From The Veronica Mars Movie Shown At Comic-Con [Watch]

Kristen Bell Jamie Lee Curtis

On the second day of the San Diego Comic-Con International (Friday 19 June), the team behind the fan-funded Veronica Mars film adaption were on hand to answer questions from fans and press as well as discuss some insider information from behind the scenes of the long-awaited leap to the big screen. If that wasn't enough, fans were treated to their first glimpse of the movie, which you can see for yourself below.

The show's creator Rob Thomas, it's star Kristen Bell and the rest of the cast chaired a panel for the movie to debut the first teaser trailer for the film (which features a surprise casting in the shape of Jamie Lee Curtis) and gave praise to the financial backers of the film, which was fan-funded through Kickstarter. Before the panel could be introduced though, fan were treated to the above video, which essentially doubled up as the first teaser trailer.

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Top 5 Terrible Films, AKA Is Sharknado Really The Worst Movie Ever Made?

Jamie Lee Curtis

To those of you, who know what Sharknado is – we’re sorry. As for the rest, the premise is a simple one – the film follows Fin Shepard and co. on their quest to save Santa Monica from the devastation of a series of shark-infested tornado. Yes, this is actually a film that exists, in 2013. There’s no point in going into specifics, such as the flat characters, corny dialogue or questionable acting, since the plot summary should be enough to put you off this one – except maybe in a drinking game/truth or dare scenario. As bad as Sharknado is, though there’s plenty of competition – the past few decades have provided is with plenty of comparisons. Below is a list of the top 5 Worst Movies Of All Time – the bad, the ugly and the just plain ridiculous of cinema. Read on to find out how Sharknado performs.

5. Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later. Oh, boy, where do we even begin with this one? The story of Laurie Strode, living in fear of her homicidal brother twenty years after the events of the original Halloween already hint of severe sequel fatigue, but bad acting, hilarious special effects and some truly cringe-worthy writing elevate this far beyond boring into so-bad-it’s-good territory. The line: “Jimmy's been suspended five times this year already for gettin' a little crazy with the STICK.” actually made it into the final cut. Enough said. The only reason this isn’t higher up on the list is that everybody loves a bit of Jamie Lee Curtis, including this writer.

Jamie Lee Curtis, Hitchcock Premiere
Dear Jamie Lee... why?

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Jamie Lee Curtis 'Offended' By Seth MacFarlane's 'Derogatory' Oscars Boob Song

Jamie Lee Curtis Seth Macfarlane

Jamie Lee Curtis has spoken out on her feelings about Seth Macfarlane's controversial performance at the 2013 Oscars ceremony.

The 'Family Guy' creator hasn't exactly been the subject of much praise over the last few weeks after hosting the ceremony, the least appreciated act being performing a crude song about several of the female attendants called 'We Saw Your Boobs'. 'Freaky Friday' star Curtis states that the show 'offended' her and has slammed the number, likening it to a 'public execution', mentioning that it turned the prestigious show into a 'cheesy vaudeville show'. 'The 'boob' song, as it will be known in perpetuity, may go down as the highest-rated Oscar number in history, but at what cost?' She wrote in an article for the Huffington Post. 'When did they turn into a 'roast'? At least at a roast you know what's in store. What if actors and actresses stopped attending the Oscars because it was deemed open session to ridicule and parody them? Would the Academy be so cavalier then?'

She went on to say that she has also gone topless for movies but added that it wasn't something she enjoyed. 'I am sorry that this is what we are talking about and not Argo's lovely win or Jennifer's amazing performance', she said. 'What we will be talking about is Seth's lack of class and a 14-year-old boy's derogatory word for one of the most beautiful, motherly and literally nurturing parts of the female form.'

Pictures: No Hopkins Or Johansson, But 'Hitchcock' Premiere Still Shows Star Power

Helen Mirren Jessica Biel Toni Collette Sacha Gervasi Michael Wincott Jamie Lee Curtis

The Hitchcock cast at the LA Premiere

Hitchcock's leading ladies [L-R]Toni ColletteDame Helen MirrenJessica Biel

Some of Hollywood's most established stars - not least the cast themselves - turned out for the premiere of Hitchcockyesterday (November 20) at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, California. It's not surprising that such a dazzling array of talent should take to the red carpet, given that the film effectively honours one of the greatest directors of all time in Alfred Hitchcock. Taking center stage were leading ladies Toni Collete, Jessica Biel and, of course,Dame Helen Mirren- the latter extremely enamoured by Biel's gorgeous dress, struggling to keep her hands off it.

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No Trick, Just Treats: Your Top 5 Horror Films For Halloween 2012

Linda Blair William Shatner Jamie Lee Curtis

Is the thought of sharpening your elbows to grab the last palette of over-priced face paint at the local supermarket is simply too much to handle? Do you need a DVD to put on REALLY LOUDLY so that you simply don’t hear the hordes of trick or treaters knocking on your door? Here’s our top five scary movies to put on this evening.

1. The Exorcist (1973). Yeah, we know, it’s an obvious one… but that’s because it’s a classic! Even now, in 2012, with all of the advances in film technologies, CGI, etc, The Exorcist remains of of the most terrifying horror movies of all time. Even the less obvious moments, when young Regan says to the astronaut (who is a guest in her parents’ house) “you’re gonna die up there,” are spine-chilling. And talking of spines, we’re not entirely sure how Linda Blair (who plays Regan) actually managed to survive those terrifying convulsion scenes. Even if you’ve seen it before, it’s worth visiting again – you’ll always spot something you missed the first ten times…

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Video - Jamie Lee Curtis Arrives On The Set Of An Unknown Movie

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis (Freaky Friday; Trading Places; Halloween; True Lies) arriving on the set of a movie in Los Angeles. The actress starts to make her way to the entrance of the set of the as yet unknown film, before she stops to have a conversation with some crew members.

Jamie Lee was last seen in You Again in 2010, a film about a young woman who discovers that her brother is about to marry the girl who bullied her in high school. You Again also starred Sigourney Weaver; Kristin Bell and Odette Anable; despite the star studded cast, the film received mixed reviews

The Tailor Of Panama Review

Somebody told Pierce Brosnan to change his image.

In The Tailor of Panama -- based on John Le Carré's novel and directed by John Boorman (Beyond Rangoon, Zardoz) -- Brosnan trades in the sophistication of James Bond for the identity of crude, disgraced spy Andy Osnard, an MI-6 operative that has to be shipped off to Panama on account of his loathsome behavior. Once he arrives in Panama City, the bad behavior doesn't stop: Osnard immediately sets upon the task of uncovering "what's going on" with the Panama Canal. Rumors swirl that it will be sold to another country now that Panama has it back from the U.S. Or perhaps there will be a coup from a populist underground?

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Homegrown Review

Movies about marijuana are historically slapsticky, funny romps (see the Cheech and Chong oeuvre). Homegrown probably started out that way, then turned into a typical drug thriller, only set in the northern California hippie community. Message to producers: Hank Azaria is a comedian, not a gun-toting action hero.

Christmas With The Kranks Review


As I write this, the time is 8:32 p.m. on Thursday, November 18, 2004, and I have just walked out on "Christmas With the Kranks" after roughly 45 minutes of mind-numbingly humorless, sit-com barrel-bottom idiocy.

An adaptation of John Grisham's "Skipping Christmas" that has been violently stripped of any semblance of humanity, this supposed comedy is about a couple called the Kranks (ha, ha, ha), played by Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis, whose daughter won't be home for Christmas, so they choose to bow out of the festivities altogether and take a cruise. But apparently their choice amounts to a social offense of the first order in the bogus, plot-device suburbia where the movie takes place (during a transparently bogus winter). It even makes the newspaper.

Soon an army of neighbors are beating down their door like some Yuletide Gestapo, angrily demanding they put up their seasonal decorations while Curtis inexplicably cowers inside like a child.

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Freaky Friday Review

Very Good

Hitting the nail on the head of mother-daughter relationships -- and doing so with amusing savvy and imaginative good humor -- Disney's "Freaky Friday" remake is such a sublimely fun-for-all matinee delight that it cleansed my palate of the sour taste of every bad movie I've seen this summer.

Yes, it's a live-action Disney family movie -- which has traditionally been enough to send shudders down the spine of anyone over the age of 11. But director Mark S. Waters ("Head Over Heels") eschews the studio's history of pandering triteness in favor of sharp writing, credibly clever characters and terrific performances.

Magnetic Linsday Lohan (whose charm also carried the studio's 1998 "Parent Trap" remake) and a revitalized Jamie Lee Curtis couldn't be more ideally cast as exasperated teenager Annabell Colman and her harried, head-shrinker mom Tess, both of whom are given new insights into their contentious relationship when their bodies are swapped through a fortune-cookie hex.

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Christmas With The Kranks Movie Review

As I write this, the time is 8:32 p.m. on Thursday, November 18, 2004, and...

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Hitting the nail on the head of mother-daughter relationships -- and doing so with amusing...